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Tyson, and Campbell, just keep getting better.

Fatal Facade (An Allison Campbell Mystery) (Volume 4) - Wendy Tyson

As a long-time fan of Wendy Tyson and Allison Campbell, I lept at the chance to read the fourth installment of the series before it releases. I was not disappointed in the least. As cliched as it sounds, I absolutely could not put it down. Allison only becomes more complex and therefore more relatable with each book. Because I abhor spoilers, I will only say that Fatal Facade had me cheering for her so thoroughly that I'm a bit sad she isn't real and we can't meet up for a glass of wine. The way that she helps Elle Rose shows determination and compassion that we come to expect from a Wendy Tyson protagonist, but Allison's willingness to walk away for her own safety and that of her family shows growth. All of the sundry characters are fully developed and are anything but caricatures, which makes this installment that much more thrilling. And the historic castle grounds! I'm absolutely going to have to make a trip to the dolomites to experience it myself. Hopefully with less murder.