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Dying Brand - Wendy Tyson

Wendy Tyson's version of suspense gets tighter and more anxiety inducing with each book. In DYING BRAND, we get a clearer picture of who Allison Campbell was when we first met her in KILLER IMAGE. While in the previous novels the mystery/murder is something that Allison stumbles upon in one capacity or another, in DYING BRAND she is personally part of the mystery and that made me even more vested in the outcome. I won't give any spoilers, but Tyson quite literally had me leaning forward to get closer to the page because I was so nervous for Allison and her companions. Vaughn remains a favorite character and this latest installment only solidifies my love for him. If you haven't preordered DYING BRAND, do that now. You won't be sorry.

Deadly Assets (An Allison Campbell Mystery Book 2) - Wendy Tyson

I'm lucky in that I got to read this book before anyone else. And all I can say is WOW! As much as I loved KILLER IMAGE, DEADLY ASSETS offers so much more. Wendy Tyson delves deeper into the makings of the unlikely heroine and amateur private eye, Allison Campbell. Not only do we get to know Allison more, we really get to know Vaughn, Mia, and the rest of the cast of characters that Wendy creates in order to deliver a rich and moving story. But don't let the in-depth character development fool you, this is a fast-paced thriller that will have you flipping (or clicking for you e-readers) pages anxious to see what happens next. I read it on my computer and just couldn't stop after one (ok 20) chapter. I found myself deeply invested in the problems, families and lives of both victims. I won't spoil anything here, but I was utterly surprised by quite a few developments. And I'm hard to surprise as I'm an avid fan of thrillers/mysteries. Wendy Tyson has done the near impossible: created a sophomore effort that exceeds and already fantastic debut.

Bitter Harvest - Wendy Tyson

I have long been a fan of mysteries, particularly series mysteries. When I first came across Wendy Tyson's Allison Campbell series, I immediately fell in love with her writing. Now, never having been a fan of the cozy mystery genre, I was unsure when I heard about A MUDDIED MURDER, the first in the Greenhouse Mysteries. But, it was Wendy, so I gave it a go. All of my snobbery was completely unwarranted, at least as far as these books are concerned. I immediately felt at home in Winsome and knew all of the characters as if I'd grown up with them. Plus goats!

Having been privileged enough to read BITTER HARVEST in advance of the release, I can tell you that this one is even better. No really! Even better. There is depth to the characters, as one would expect in a series, but it is more than that. The depth reveals that everyone has secrets and sometimes they keep them out of love, not self-preservation.

Megan reads as if she and I would actually be best friends. We'd have tea or wine and talk about all of the odds and ends in our lives. Bibi would join us and I would hope she would immediately adopt me. If Emily Gilmore lived on a farm and embraced the organic life, she would be BiBi. I want to go to their farm, the cafe, and even the town events. And I cannot wait to see what develops for Denver and Megan! The vet is nothing short of dreamy and I want him to be my book boyfriend.

I'm not going to go into any of the details of the plot because I loathe spoilers, but.... Aunt Sarah is more involved, there's an Oktoberfest celebration, apples are important, beer matters, and I want all of the recipes from the cafe.

A Muddied Murder - Wendy Tyson

Such fun new series from Wendy Tyson! Megan (and her grandmother) are a delightful addition to the cast of characters Tyson previously created in her Allison Campbell series. Megan is a great protagonist who is equal parts strong, savvy, and sensitive. For fear of giving too much away, I'll simply say that although I do love the veterinarian, I do believe it is the goats who steal the show. As always, Tyson writes with humor and insight, developing characters that stay with you long after the final chapter is read. I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens next for Megan and the motley crew in the Greenhouse Mystery Series.

Tyson, and Campbell, just keep getting better.

Fatal Facade (An Allison Campbell Mystery) (Volume 4) - Wendy Tyson

As a long-time fan of Wendy Tyson and Allison Campbell, I lept at the chance to read the fourth installment of the series before it releases. I was not disappointed in the least. As cliched as it sounds, I absolutely could not put it down. Allison only becomes more complex and therefore more relatable with each book. Because I abhor spoilers, I will only say that Fatal Facade had me cheering for her so thoroughly that I'm a bit sad she isn't real and we can't meet up for a glass of wine. The way that she helps Elle Rose shows determination and compassion that we come to expect from a Wendy Tyson protagonist, but Allison's willingness to walk away for her own safety and that of her family shows growth. All of the sundry characters are fully developed and are anything but caricatures, which makes this installment that much more thrilling. And the historic castle grounds! I'm absolutely going to have to make a trip to the dolomites to experience it myself. Hopefully with less murder.